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Facility Upgrades:

Fall 2016...We are so excited to share the progress on our 100' x 20' x 16' Flight Barn!

HUGE THANKS go out from all of us at Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center to everyone who helped make this happen!
Thank you to Brent Hall and Pro Build for all of their help with building materials.
Thank-you to Todd Wilson for the use of his Bobcat and services to set the trusses.
Thank you Midway Rental for the use of their Skytrack forklift to set the sheeting for the roof up on the trusses.
Thank you to our good neighbors Blue Core Construction for putting our roof on.

Next spring we will continue pushing forward with fund raising to be able to complete this project.
The end of August 2015 brought with it the final pour of the season!
The walk-way out back of the Raptor and Rehab Hall buildings that runs along in front of our Mini-Mew Building.
August of 2015 project...Sod was cut from the new parking area and re-located around the buildings housing the raptors.
Not only does it look nice, but will keep the dust down, and the birds cooler in the hot months.
June 2015, the convenience and safety of sidewalks was added. Thank-you to the hard working volunteers who made it happen.
Bob Watne, Todd Wilson, Brian Watne, Dan Lawler, Byron Crow, and Robert Rose. Your hard work is very appreciated!
In March 2014 we were fortunate to receive a $2000 grant from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
to build a new building to house our rehab birds in. Thank You NWRA!!!
We hoped to begin construction soon so it would be ready for that winter. The first step was removing an old building that could not be moved due to rotten floor joists. Then came site leveling with lots of dirt moving.
On July 26th all the frame posts were put in and cemented in place, next came the rafters.
The building was finished by October 1st. We now have 5, 8ft by 8ft chambers for injured birds, and an 8ft by 40ft flight chamber that can be divided into an 8ft by 16ft, and 8ft by 24ft chambers, or the doors opened to the full size.
Thanks to Bob we now have a completely remodeled building for our small raptors as well.
Each set of three cages now has an external door to prevent accidental escapes.
All six cages are now walk-ins, which makes it much easier to get a bird.
Bob also put a light in each cage, and a plug in for the heated water bowls in winter.
Cindy is putting screening on the exterior of the building as well, so the insects can’t get to the birds food.
In September 2013 we began construction on a new building for our education birds. Because of the generosity of local volunteers; LHC, for a load of pea gravel, and FWP for some of the building materials, we were able to get a new education raptor housing facility put up before the winter set in.
This building is now housing 10 education raptors out of the wind and cold.
We have received some donations for this endeavor, and without this kind of help we could not have gotten construction on this much-needed building underway. 
A big thanks to Randy Johnson of R&R Construction for putting all the metal roof and sides on, and thanks for all the interior doors he built which made it possible to house all our education birds inside the new building last winter.
A big thanks to Cindy Grossman for installing screen over all the outside slats so now the insects can’t get to the birds food.
Check out some building photos!
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