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Meet our Volunteers:

Our organization is made up of a very diverse group of people.
These people spend their own valuable time and money to make what we do possible.

We are eternally grateful to them.
Everyone feeds and cares for our resident birds at least one day a week.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email.

Executive Director

Beth Watne, Founder/Executive Director


Beth Watne has been helping injured wildlife in Montana since the 1980’s when she was a young Mom and also a Physician’s Assistant. In 1982 she founded Wildlife Return, another rehab organization, that she later turned over to Lynn Vaught when she decided to retire.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center, and the state and federal permit holder for our organization.
Beth graciously allows the facility to operate on her own property.
In Beth’s past rehab experience she has cared for everything from grizzly bears to song birds.

Bob Watne


Bob is the man responsible for all our fabulous new buildings, complete with lights and electrical plug-ins for winter water bowls and heat lights.
He also helps with our education programs when available.

Karen with Rowdy Wild Wings.jpg

Karen Nichols


Karen Nichols has long appreciated Beth’s dedication to helping wildlife. After a life change this year, Karen began volunteering at Wild Wings in May 2021, under the patient and encouraging mentoring of Beth, Barb and Kathy. Karen has long appreciated birdwatching and conservation and is enjoying the learning curve of caring for the raptors at Wild Wings. She is grateful for this opportunity to be part of the Wild Wings team. 


Laura Bean


Laura began volunteering in 2019.  She handles raptors as a subpermittee and loves to help with our many education programs.  Laura and her husband own an organic orchard in Woods Bay.  She looks forward to learning more about recovery of wounded birds from Beth and her talented volunteer team.


Cheryl Moore

Cheryl Moore joined the Wild Wings crew in September 2020.  She was recruited by Billie and Debbie, two very dedicated volunteers who showed her the ropes. Growing up in a Falconry family made it a good fit to volunteer and handle the raptors at the center.  She handles the raptors as a subpermittee under Beth. 


Katie Bear

Katie started volunteering in June of 2016, helping with the feeding and cleaning chores. She graduated from the University of Montana, in Missoula, with a degree in Wildlife Biology.
Born and raised in the Flathead Valley, she has a lifetime of experience caring for all types of ranch animals. This is her first experience with Raptors and she is really enjoying working with them.
She is a subpermittee under Beth, and helps with our Education Programs when available.


Debbie Rathbun

Deb has known Beth and her work with wildlife for a long time. When a volunteer opportunity opened in November 2016, Deb accepted it and joined the program. Never having worked with raptors, she started out getting to know the birds and their needs through feeding and routine care. Now she is currently learning how to handle raptors as a subpermittee, and helps with our Education Programs when available. Her hope is to gain enough knowledge and experience to become an asset to MWWRC program. 


Billie Murdoch

Billie was raised on a cattle ranch in Northwest Montana where feeding and caring for a variety of animals was a daily requirement. After retiring from teaching in Alaska and moving back to Montana she was easily drawn into volunteering at Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center in September 2017.

The caring, handling and sharing what she has learned about raptors with others is a rewarding experience. She is a subpermittee under Beth, and helps with our Education Programs when available.

Kathy Ross with Wizard (002).jpeg

Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross joined the volunteer team in 2019. Conservation education of our wild avian friends motivates her to volunteer with Audubon, Glacier Park's Loon program, and Jewel Basin Hawk Watch, and now Montana Wild Wings. "Caring for and sharing our Ambassador Raptors with young and old is the most powerful way to inspire appreciation and love of the wild beings that share our world. They teach us!"  It is a privilege to work with the birds and the incredible team of volunteers. Rehabbing and releasing an injured wild bird back to the wild makes all the hard work worth it!   Kathy is also a consultant for native habitat restoration, crucial to the survival of our wild birds.


Leyna Krauss

Leyna is a local veterinary technician with a lifelong passion for wildlife, especially raptors and other birds. She is proud and pleased to help educate the public about these important and fascinating animals.


Ruby Hadley

Ruby Hadley is our youngest bird handler.  She enjoys helping with our education programs and caring for the birds. This also allows her to spend time with her grandma.


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