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 Rehab and Release Stories:

We see a lot of injured wildlife come through our doors and it is not possible to put all of them online.

On this page you will find just a small selection of the animals that were released back into the wild.

Some of the birds on this page are still in the rehabilitation phase, but we are hopeful

that they will be released in the future.



Here is a look back at some of our rehab and release stories from 2014.


Bald Eagle

This Bald Eagle was brought to us 1-8-14 with a wing injury. It was picked up by a CSKT Biologist and taken to Dr. Taylor in Polson where x-rays were negative for any broken bones, but it had a tendon injury.
It was placed on antibiotics and transferred to our facility for rehab.
We released this eagle on 3-21-14 close to where it was found outside of Polson. 
Photos courtesy of Kathy Taylor.

Red Tailed Hawk



This Red Tailed Hawk came to us with concussion like symptoms.
It would not get off the ground and spent most of the day in this pose.

It was provided with supportive care and a safe place to recover, and we can now count this in the win column.

Short Eared Owl

This is a Short Eared Owl that came to us in December of 2013 with a shoulder injury. The right shoulder was drooping and she was unable to gain much height. Through January of 2014 he continued to improve, becoming much more spirited and able to get up to her highest perch. In early February of 2014 she was rechecked by the intaking veterinarian and was given a much improved bill of health.
On July 4th we released her on the Wildlife refuge next to the Owl Institute in Charlo. She was banded by the Owl Institute and will be monitored closely. She did a beautiful long flight into the field and the biologists have spotted a male in the same area so hopefully she will soon have a friend.

Great Horned Owl

This Great Horned Owl was found a week ago in Glacier National Park by park wildlife biologist Lisa Bate in January and delivered to the center. This owl most likely flew into a building while hunting for prey. Owls, in particular, become so focused on going after their prey that they often do not notice a building or vehicle in their path. Luckily, this bird was reported injured, and due to staff, volunteers, and rehab experts, it is now flying wild once more in Glacier!

Great Horned Owl

This Great Horned Owl was hit by are car on New Years 2014. This picture was taken after his release back into the wild by James Davidson of Kalispell. He suffered from major concussion symptoms and was affectionately referred to as “Wonky”. After almost two months of intensive rehab and supportive care, of which three weeks was 24 hour care with forced feeding, he was released on February 21st, 2014! This is a great success story. You can view the video of his release

Bald Eagle

This Bald Eagle came in at about 11pm on February 27th 2014 from Bigfork. A FCSD Animal Warden called with an eagle with a probable fractured wing, located at 6935 Highway 35, that he had captured. He took it to Dr. Aldrich at Flathead Pet Emergency for an exam. The eagle had no fracture but did have tendon damage to the right wing and needed supportive care. We released this eagle on June 2nd after months of rehabilitation and you can check out pictures and video of the release here

Bald Eagle Chicks

Two bald eagle chicks were rescued from the shore of Whitefish Lake after Arthur Construction & Mindful Design construction crews working nearby noticed their nest had collapsed after all the heavy rain and wind. After learning to kill live trout that were placed in a pool in their enclosure they were released on 8-3-14 at the site of their old nest. 

Great Horned Owl Chicks

This summer has been the busiest ever in our history for baby Great Horn Owls. We have gotten 5, all from different nests from all different areas in the valley. Of the 5 chicks 4 survived and are doing well. We are now buying live mice and rats to teach them how to hunt so they can be released back to the wild. On 7-9-14 we were able to release these owls on a nice private property near Lore Lake.

American Kestrels

These three juvenile American Kestrels came to us from Trumble Creek Rd. in Kalispell. The 1st little male arrived on 6-27, on 6-28 one of his siblings ( a female) was found and brought to us then 6-30 another male sibling was brought to us. We hope these will be releasable soon. All three of these Kestrels were successfully released July 8th. at our facility.

Red Tail Hawk Chicks

These two RTH chicks were found west on Kalispell on the Grosswiler Homstead, they have since been joined by another chick from a different area. We put them in with an adult female that came from the Bigfork area to help teach them to eat and not imprint on us. We anticipate giving them live mice to hunt soon and then hope to release them. All the RTH’s were released where the original chicks were found on 7-8-14.

Coopers Hawk

This little 2wk old Coopers Hawk was found on 7-10-14 off Blacktail Road by a logging crew. After it had began flying in its enclosure we gave it live birds so it could learn to hunt which it quickly did with great skill. It was released on 8-9-14 at the site were it was found.

Pileated Woodpecker

This juvenile Pileated Woodpecker was found up off of Star Meadows Rd with a broken leg. Thanks to Dr. Dugger he now has a pin and if all goes well will be released when his leg heals. After making friends with another Pileated Woodpecker that came to visit every day it was released and the two birds still visit every day for a treat.

Great Horned Owl

This young Great Horn was found in Lawrence Park, he was an unusually light color. He was very underweight but with an adequate diet quickly recovered and was released on 9-6-2014 in a safe place with good hunting west of Kalispell.

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