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Rehab & Release 2019

We admitted 79 raptors representing 15 species this year!
We released 44 birds, giving us a 50%
release rate and a 60% survival rate. 

Merlin Falcon

This Merlin came to us from CSKT, found in Polson on 11-5-2019 weighing 191g. It's left wing was injured possibly from a car strike.
After a couple months rehabbing in our care we released him 1-8-2020 weighing 239g and flying well, it was nice Carrie from CSKT could join us for the release. Thank-you to CSKT for your continued help with getting sick/injured Raptors into our care.

Northern Pygmy Owl

This tiny fellow was just one of two admitted into our care back in October after having a run in with a window. Fortunately neither sustained injuries and after a short stay to hydrate, recuperate and eat a couple of good meals were released back to the areas they came from.

Short Eared Owl

This poor guy had been hit by a combine - carried off by a Red Tail Hawk - dropped from midair – transported by the farmer – picked up by Beth – rehabbed by the MWWRC team – banded by ORI – and finally released back to the wild.
All in its first half year of life!

Great Horned Owl Chick

In June a Great Horned Owlet fell from its nest and unfortunately into the Flathead River. Luckily the fall was witnessed and the Owlet was rescued from drowning and brought into our center. Our initial exam showed no signs of injuries, and it quickly recuperated. After a few days at the center, gaining over 200 grams and demonstrating sustained flight, it was released back at the nest site where it immediately joined its sibling in a tree with one of the parents watching. A great family reunion, we couldn't be any happier!

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