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Montana Wild Wings is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Montana's wild birds.

Our wildlife rehab facility is 100% volunteer staffed and operated and 100% public donation funded.

  • MWWRC's primary mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many of Montana's sick and injured birds of prey as possible. 

  • MWWRC's secondary mission is to educate the public. Our Education Raptors & our volunteers provide programs to the community about raptor species, our organization and how the public can support raptors in Montana and beyond.


For 40 years Beth Watne has helped rescue and care for countless Montana wildlife. Beth's dedication for helping sick & injured wildlife in Montana dates back to the 1980’s when she first founded Wildlife Return, another rehab center. Years ago, Beth attempted to retire but she was still needed, so she founded Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center in 2013 and has focused solely on helping raptors ever since. MWWRC operates on Beth & Bob Watne's property in NW Montana and services the area between the Canadian border down to Ronan and from the Idaho border to the Continental Divide. 

Beth Watne, Founder/Executive Director

Beth Watne is the Founder and Executive Director of Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center and the state and federal permit holder for our organization. With her first raptors, a Golden Eagle & a Great Horned owl, she started touring and doing programs throughout NW Montana. She's continues to rescue raptors and provide numerous education programs.


Bob Watne

Bob is the main man responsible for all the MWWRC building construction, upgrades and maintenance. As MWWRC has grown over the years, Bob and Beth have worked hard to expand the facility so it can provide the best care to Montana's raptors.  Bob also assists with rescues and releases for MWWRC and occasional education programs.


Montana Wild Wings is made up of a very dedicated group of people. Our volunteers spend their own valuable time and money to make what we do possible. They are committed to providing the best possible care for every injured, ill or orphaned bird that comes to the center along with the resident education birds that live there full time. We appreciate each and every one of them that has helped MWWRC succeed over the years.  

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email:


MWWRC is able to carry out its mission through the generous support of local veterinarian's who donate their time and services to our organization. We are grateful to Dr. Mark Lawson at Glacier Animal Hospital and Dr. Jim Thompson & Dr. Joanie Bechtle at Whitefish Animal Hospital. They are talented veterinarians whose work is invaluable to us and the communities they serve. 

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